Welcome to PERecorder web site

What is PERecorder ?

PERecorder is a free astronomy sofware that allows easy recording of periodic error of ASCOM-driven mount. It has originally been developped for the EQMOD project,
and then adapted to any mount.

  • for EQMOD driven mount, PERecorder will record PE against motor position, enabling permanent PEC. See the EQMOD project PEC specifications for more.
  • for other mounts, PERecorder will only allow recording of PE against time.

In both case, PERecorder provides a limited analysis tool of the pe curve.

PERecorder makes use of informations provided by the ASCOM driver, such as target star declination, to simplify user tasks, and provides a real-time display of periodic error curve.

What are the requirements ?

  • A computer with windows XP (Vista should be ok, to be tested)
  • A directX compliant webcam (typically toucam pro)
  • ASCOM platform
  • ASCOM driver for your mount.
  • and of course PERecorder software, which requires .Net framework

Licence and disclaimer

PeRecorder is free, provided "as is", with no warranty of any kind.

What next ?

You can see read User Guide to learn how to use it, look at ScreenShots, and learn the theory behind PE recorder,
and of course the FAQ

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