User Guide


For installation with setup :

  • download the zip file
  • unzip it
  • run setup.exe. If necessary, uninstall previous version
  • perecorder is now available through the "start/all programs" menu

To uninstall, go to the control panel and use "add or remove programs" process

If setup fails (it has been reported on some computers), you may try zip install :

  • download the "no setup" version
  • unzip it
  • to run the application, just double-click on perecorder.exe

To uninstall, just delete the folder


Simulation mode

  • Do not connect any webcam to the PC, then follow instructions below

Real mode

  • Connect your webcam to the PC
  • Start PE recorder
  • Connect to you mount through ASCOM
  • Make sure that the ASCOM driver is correctly set up (PERecroder reads the star declination for its computations, so the alignement should be at least roughly correct)
  • Center a star in the webcam
  • Press the "calibrate" button
  • Optionally press the "check" button. This allows to confirm that the relationship between pixel size and arcsec on the sky is correct, if you know the focal length of your scope and/or the pixel size of the camera.
  • If everything goes ok, press the "record" button
  • A raw pe file will be saved in the directory you specifiy with the "choose" button
  • At the top of the file are some information related to current recording
  • Then on each line, the duration in second, ra motor position (0 for non EQMOD mount), periodic error in arc second, dec drift in ars second, and dec motor position (0 for non EQMOD mount). The periodic error is corrected by the star declination, so it is the dec drift divided by the cosine of declination.
  • That's it !

For EQMOD users

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